Our Rates

Radio & Internet Advertising Rates

Internet Ad Costs:
Header Leader Board 720X90 $100 Monthly
Leader Board 720X90 $60 Monthly
Side Bar 300X250 $60 Monthly

Please Note: Radio Rates are quoted for each ad spot per show

Radio Ad Costs:
15 Seconds $15 ea AD
30 Seconds $25 ea AD

60 Seconds $40 ea AD
5 Min Appearance $15
15 Min Appearance $25
Four Shows PKG $300
(Includes: 3X60 sec ADS Per Show + Studio Appearance & Call-In Interview)

Sponsorship Packages Available:
Half Hour $125
One Hour $200

Ad Production Rate:
Production – $35.00

Radio Advertising Schedule:

• Radio commercial units should be exact length (e.g.:30 or: 60 seconds).
• Advertiser is solely responsible for commercial content or copyright issues.
• We can assist with the production of radio commercials. 
• Radio commercial is due one (1) week prior to the start of advertising schedule.
• We reserve the right to not accept commercials the company deems inappropriate.