Camille Robb & Guenet Gittens-Roberts -Teen Depression Part 3

Guenet Gittens-Roberts
CEO GGR Marketing & PR

Caribbean American Passport News Magazine provides the community a place to showcase events and culture in Central Florida.
“I have always been passionate about the people who work hard in the community to promote our culture – the associations, the radio personalities, the people who hold cultural events. This is a platform to support their efforts.”
This news magazine promotes Caribbean Culture and the way we adapt to life here – outside our homelands.


Camille Robb

Camille Robb is highly energetic, a certified nanny and nurse, with over 25 years of progressive experience, caring for children and adults of all ages. She possesses a proven track record of delivering professional care, while engaging children in a broad variety of stimulating activities. Camille has been married for 26 years and has two children of her own. She has owned and operated a daycare for over 10 years. Her philosophy is to make a positive impact in each child’s life by providing a broad base of cognitive, intellectual, and emotional support. She has owned and operated a student exchange program that host students from around the world such as, China, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Australia, Japan, and many more countries. She used her skills to create a secure and nurturing environment while supporting each student to achieve their educational goals. Her compassion to help feed the disadvantaged is exhibited in her community based food pantry program that feeds hundreds of people in the community. In addition, she provides toys and clothes to underprivileged children. She is compassionate, kindhearted, hard working, dependable, and tenacious in ensuring any assigned task is completed expeditiously.

Camille Robb
(407) 489-5738