Teen Depression Part Two

Parenting is the hardest job in the world. There are no handbooks, manuals or textbooks that can tell a parent what to do with each child.  Whether we have one or 15 children, everyone comes with a different temperament and personality.  After the first child, parents quickly realize that there is a difference between the children.

On this week’s Talk It Up Radio Show, continuing with the discussion on teen depression, we zoomed in on the parent’s role in the daily activities of their children.

We have all made mistakes in parenting, but the biggest mistake we make is showering our children with material things, such as the latest brand name fashions, expensive shoes, video games, and other things that you think will make them happy while you are busy working among other things.

Time is the best gift that you can give to your children; your time. As they age, and all the material things fade away, they won’t remember the things.  They will remember the time mom and dad spent with them.

Are you investing in your child’s life every day?  Are you spending quality time with them, building memories that will last a lifetime? Sometimes we must say no to the “things” that steal our time away from our children.

You can do it, parents. We are cheering you on.