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Tricia-Anne Y. Morris: Author, Speaker & Success Coach

Tricia-Anne Y. Morris is a woman of God, wholly committed to her Christian Faith. She is dedicated to sharing the message of God’s Love and believes that life begins only after we’ve invited God to be our Father, Husband, Way Maker, and Friend. Tricia-Anne’s story started over 17 years ago when she became a Senior Manager and Business Coach & Consultant working primarily with small to medium-sized businesses across Jamaica, the Caribbean, UK, and USA. Her responsibilities were varied but all converged around her helping businesses to become and remain prosperous. Her most recent role was as General Manager of Research with one of the leading research houses in the English-speaking Caribbean.

After being in an abusive relationship she decided to step away from life as she knew it. She published her book, From I Do to I Don’t, which describes her experience in that abusive relationship and the strategies she used to heal from those relationship wounds. She then left her 9-5 to launch her own business, Women Inspiring Prosperity where she offers Success and Business Coaching services to individuals and businesses. Tricia-Anne is also an International Speaker and member of Dimensioned Wellness, an international coaching network. She is also a trained business coach and research consultant, and is a radio co-host, and co-founder of the soft skills training institution, Vigeo Academy.

Tricia-Anne’s most recent pursuits are Smart, Fabulous & Single (SFS). SFS is an empowerment movement aimed at helping single women become the best version of themselves through events, coaching, training and scholarships. The Smart, Fabulous & Single empowerment conference was launched in Kingston, Jamaica in 2016 (

Ms. Morris holds a BSc. in Management Studies with a minor in Econ from University of the West Indies, an MA in Applied Social and Market Research from University of Westminster London and is now pursuing a PhD in Business Science from University of Cape Town.

Tricia-Anne’s story has won the World Pulse Story Award, and is featured on TIME Magazine at