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Justin Jacobs


Over 10 years ago, I began my career as a health insurance agent from the trunk of my car. I had absolutely no experience but thanks to a friend and mentor, I was kicked out into the field to figure it out. That’s what friends are for, right?
After struggling for almost 2 years, at the age of 23, I finally started to build a following of clients which enabled me to build my first 2 companies, CCG Medical Marketing and Client Care Insurance. JUSTIN JACOBS
In just a few short years, both companies had earned revenue of over $750,000 a year with a small staff of less than 5 people. In 2008, I decided to leave the companies I started to spend time with my family and to follow my passion
in music.
I took a position a year later at a company developing a new product they were launching in the Medicare Advantage business. It was a great opportunity to learn how to grow a company from scratch at $0 budget.
In 2013, after 4 long years of successful grassroots marketing campaigns, I decided to take a leap of faith and start another company, Health Plan Markets. This time, the agency would be wholly owned and operated by my family.
The past 2 years have seen incredible growth and opportunity in health insurance plans, mostly in response to the Affordable Care Act aka ObamaCare. Timing is everything and since I don’t wear a watch, I got lucky on this one.
Health Plan Markets currently supports independent agents licensed in Florida
to provide health insurance for Individuals, Families, Groups and Seniors. We have offices in Orlando and offer over 50+ plans with many carriers.
In my career, I have assisted over 2,000 clients with Medicare and family health insurance plans.
I have recently made it my personal goal to teach my secrets to health insurance agents looking for true financial freedom while helping people in their community.
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